At The PR Institute, we think small… as in small groups.

None of this stuff where dozens or even hundreds of people cram into a banquet room for “learning.”

What we do is completely different.

We do things for small groups to create some big-time learning.

We offer hands-on training in the form of private training sessions at your offices or ours,  workshops at established conferences and Webinars that are stand-alone or in conjunction with other groups.

Our sessions, workshops and Webinars are designed to engage attendees so that experiences are memorable and the curriculum sticks.

Founded and launched in summer 2013 by Selig Multimedia, Inc. (which also owns and operates the global press release newswire PR NewsChannel and the PR firm The Publicity Agency), our philosophy is this: So much about what is wrong with education is that it is existential or theoretical based. They show you how things ought to be done instead of being candid about how things are.

Our goal is to infuse you with excitement and ideas so that you are eager and easily able to apply what you’ve learned.


What we do

The PR Institute offers hands-on public relations training at our offices, at your offices or at hotel/conference centers worldwide.