Media Training

media training, media training workshopAre you a CEO, a company founder, a PR person? Are you ready to engage the media and rock & roll on air?

Media training sessions are designed help you improve your game or prepare newcomers for their first interview.

Whether it’s launching a new product, announcing company news or dealing with a crisis, we get you ready for what to expect so there are no surprises. We also arm you and your team with what they need so they feel ready to face the media–whether it’s for good news or not such good news.

While the media training sessions vary depending on your needs, here are a basic idea of what’s possible:

On Camera: The only way to get comfortable with doing interviews is to practice, practice, practice. We’ll videotape you and analyze the tapes just like a coach might do with football players or tennis stars. You’ll see yourself in action and we’ll offer tips on how to get better.

Messaging: It’s not only how you look and what you say. We teach you how to say things succinctly and ways to drive your message home.

Print: It’s not only TV to be prepared for. Though often less daunting, it’s also important to know how to say things even when you’re dealing with print media outlets.

The Questions: You may want the softballs. But the tough questions may come. And if they do, you need to look at it like a fast ball in baseball: those are the ones you can hit out of the ballpark! We get you ready to do that.

Take Aways: We’ll provide you tips, exercises and homework that you can practice even after our session(s) end so you can be your best when that time comes.

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The PR Institute offers hands-on public relations training at our offices, at your offices or at hotel/conference centers worldwide.